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International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5
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June 9,2014
White House Protest
Photo: Barbara Indira Mata Plascencia
White House Rally to Obama: Free ALL the 5!

On mid day Saturday a determined gathering grew in front of the White House to press their demand that the Obama administration immediately free the remaining members of the Cuban 5. The protestors made it clear with their signs and chants that the freedom for Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, and Antonio Guerrero was long overdue. A spirited bicycle brigade of young Cuban 5 activists, who had spent the morning riding through the streets of Washington DC promoting awareness about the case, joined the protest before it took to the streets of the American capital. A bus from New York and cars of people came from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Maine and Quebec. The number of marchers reached 500 as it covered 2 lanes of traffic and extended a full city block. Once the march hit Pennsylvania Avenue, commonly referred to as “America’s Main Street", the protest grew louder and larger.

Once the demonstration reached the Justice Department it stopped and was transformed into a street rally with local DC activists who had attended the Dead Prez hip hop concert promoting the protest the night before. Other speakers included freed Puerto Rican political prisoner Rafael Cancel Miranda, parliamentarians from El Salvador, Brazil, and Germany, representatives from Haiti and Chile, a union representatives from Australia and Britain. Representatives from 31 countries attending the march that was part of the third 5 Days for the Cuban 5 reflected the international character of the growing movement demanding justice for the remaining three so they can return to their homeland.

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

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