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TODAYS’ NEWS 57   (3rd year)

31-05-13 (II) Close hour: 13:00


The world supports Day of Solidarity with the Five in Washington

Kenia Serrano, President of the Cuban Institute of friendship with the Peoples (ICAP, as the acronym in Spanish) highlighted in Havana that the whole world support the Second 5 for The Five event of solidarity being held in Washington DC for the release of the Five Cuban heroes unjustly held in the US, and stated that many acts of solidarity are to take place in more than 30 countries in demand for justice for Gerardo, Antonio, Ramón y Fernando, who are still incarcerated.

Serrano emphasized the tremendous effort made by friends of Cuba and the Cuban Five to put into practice the event of solidarity, which has exceeded previous expectations for this second edition which brings together activists from 22 nations, important personalities, parliamentarians, legislators, intellectuals, writers, artists and religious leaders, among others.

Kenia underscored that it is the first event of this type in which takes part the Cuban hero free and in Cuba, which sets a source of inspiration="mso-ansi-language: EN"> and hope to continue the fight and convince the U.S. President Barack Obama into making the brave decision to release them and bring justice so that the remaining four antiterrorist fighters held in US soil can return home, he said.

The President mentioned the thematic focus of the event of solidarity, in addition to the release of the Cuban Five: the request to shut down the detention camp illegally set in Guantanamo by the US and the return of that portion of Cuban territory usurped for over 100 years ago; the halt to the ban on travel for the US citizens who wish to travel and learn about the Cuban reality, and to remove Cuba from the US Department of State’s list of countries that sponsor terrorism, this is a sultry inclusion, and another important topic is the peace and friendship between the two peoples.

Serrano and other ICAP officials announced a program of actions that parallel to the event of solidarity being held in Washington is to be carried out in Cuba.  


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